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Nick Terrence     13 November 2012 15:29 | Long Island, NY
Hello Pierre,

I am a retired flavor chemist and enjoy growing potted citrus trees as a hobby. Currently 40 potted citrus plants. Many thanks for the Citrus Forum which is invaluable for information, especially on grafting.
Many years ago I was a member of the Indoor Citrus&Rare Fruit Society. Their newsletter provided excellent information on growing citrus outside the citrus belt. Fortunately, I saved all the newsletters.

Woods     18 September 2012 10:08 | AgzgHkmL
Great inisght. Relieved I'm on the same side as you.

William Gillis     23 January 2012 19:03 | Portland, MI USA
Dear Professor Laszlo,

Just finished reading "Citrus, a History". As an avid fan of what I term commodity books (Kurlansky's Salt, Yafa's Cotton, etc.) I must say your book was very much enjoyed. Not only is your writing style unique but the book was exceptionally informative, a trait I seek in this genre of books. Thank you for your book and I look forward to any others possibly in the works!

Bruno     12 May 2011 14:12 | Mauritius
Hello Professor,
Heard of you quite recently on RFI talking about your book "Drole de Chimie",quite incredible what you mentionned on chemical substances found in our food!!Is your book available in Mauritius?Hope to see you one day in our island for a conference!!!

sacha brandsen     26 April 2011 11:35 | amersfoort, Nederland
he, it's me sacha.i hope your new book is comming fast on this website too,i hope you are comming fast to holland

Jakob Magolan     07 March 2011 21:31 | Idaho, USA
Professor Laszlo,

I have just flipped through your book Organic Chemistry Using Clays (1993). It is very well put together. Thank you. I am starting a research program at the University of Idaho and expanding the utility and range of clay catalysis will be on the menu.


Nuno Machado     03 August 2010 13:36 | Portugal
First and foremost I want to thank you for writting.
I'm a 17 year-old student, curious about Science, and my favourite ones are Chemistry and Biology. I am reading your book "A Palavra das coisas ou a Linguagem da Química", and now I'm seeing that I really want to study and to work with this sciences during my adulthood, and even adolescence.
I do also want to tell you that what you teach in this book was fundamental to help me choosing want I want to be. Thank you.

John Chandler     31 March 2010 05:15 | Gold Coast Queensland Australia
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Looking for another view on 'how to maintain my backyard citrus' CITRUS a History , provided the insight to renew a respect for the fruit that adorns our home.

ashley     11 June 2009 18:03 | netherlands
Wonderful and informative website. I will recommend it, make it sure...

Rajni Ratti     06 November 2008 13:22 | India
Respected Dr. Laszlo,
I am research scholar from India.
I have read your papers on clays which are provided by my guide. The language is really impressive.Yesterday i have gone through your articles/ book review on philosophy of chemistry, although i was unable to understand that(as i have not read philosophy at any stage) but I was feeling it
I cant express that in words. You are really a great scientist and more than that a great writer.
Sincere regards

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